Candle Quartz (A033)

Candle Quartz (A033)

A Candle Quartz specimen


Candle quartz is characterized by small terminations of quartz surrounding a larger termination. The small terminations seem to grow over and overlap each other, which makes the larger termination look like a candle that has been briefly lit and blown out (the small terminations on its sides being the candle’s dried wax drippings).


Candle quartz is a wonderful meditation tool. It allows the meditator to see their darker aspects and, thereby, discover their greatest gifts and hidden talents. If one wishes to change unbeneficial behavioral patterns (especially behavior that causes drama, pain, or hurt to others), candle quartz is incredibly useful. It is also great for healing deep emotional wounds. Candle quartz induces emotional self-control by slowly opening and balancing the heart chakra. It is believed to help those living with depression. In addition to meditating with candle quartz, the metaphysical benefits can be achieved by sleeping with it under the pillow. Hold candle quartz and affirm: “I won’t be hard on myself; I am healing.”


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