Carnelian (A156)

Carnelian (A156)

Carnelian (also known as cornelian or sard) is a brownish-red mineral commonly used as a semi-precious gemstone. It is a variety of chalcedony which is colored by iron oxide. The color of carnelian can vary from pale orange to an intense almost-black coloration. Darker specimens are typically called “sard.” Although the original spelling of “cornelian” has long been out of favor, this name was originally derived from the latin word for the cornel berry due to the resemblance of this stone to the translucent fruit. Carnelian has been used in jewelry since the fifth millennium BCE. It was used widely during Roman times to make engraved gems for signet rings used to seal correspondence or other important documents with a personalized imprint in wax. Carnelian was popular for this purpose because hot wax does not stick to it. This stone is most commonly found in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, and Russia.


Carnelian is a powerful stone. It increases personal power and physical energy. Carnelian also boosts courage, creativity and compassion. It aids meditation by allowing deeper concentration and keeping out interrupting thoughts. In addition, carnelian focuses analytical capabilities. It is useful in making decisions by keeping one focused on the present and not on past experiences. Carnelian is a good choice for clearing the sacral chakra. It removes the user’s anger and grounds them in reality. Carnelian keeps one aware of the unconditional love permeating the Universe. It also encourages initiative and determination. Carnelian is useful to keep on hand to prevent accidents. It is also used to protect the home from theft, fire, and storm damage. Metaphysically, carnelian increases blood circulation, aids those with asthma, and alleviates the symptoms of colds & flus. Those with Cancer, Leo, or Taurus as their astrological sun sign will benefit most from the metaphysical effects of carnelian. Hold carnelian and affirm: “I have inner peace and joy.”


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