Citrine Fairy Quartz (A053)

Citrine Fairy Quartz (A053)

A citrine fairy quartz point.


Fairy quartz (also known as spirit quartz and cactus quartz) is a rare form of quartz that is only found in South Africa. Tiny druzy crystals covering the shaft of a quartz termination are characteristic of fairy quartz. It occurs as amethyst, clear, citrine, and smoky quartz. Fairy quartz can focus and bring energies together, which makes it incredibly beneficial for groups. It fosters unity, peace, and a willingness to work together. Fairy quartz opens and cleanses all chakras; however, it is mainly associated with the crown chakra. It has been used to facilitate astral travel, shamanic journeying, dream work, re-birthing, and meditation. Fairy quartz is a protective crystal. It shields the aura, transmutes negative energy, and protects from physical harm. Fairy quartz is excellent for dealing with the loss of a loved one because it brings a calm and peaceful energy and decreases fears. It is most beneficial for people with Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, Pisces, or Virgo as their astrological sun sign. Hold fairy quartz and affirm: “I am radiant.”


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