Enhydro Agate (A034)

Enhydro Agate (A034)

Grey and white enhydro agate specimen.


Enhydro agate is chalcedony with fluid included. These specimens are found in areas with volcanic rock. The chalcedony has a hollow center, partially containing water. Enhydro agates can also contain debris or petroleum. If the cavity is not full, the movement of the fluid can be felt by shaking the specimen. When water rich in silica percolates through volcanic rock, forms layers of mineral, traps water with less silica in a cavity formed by the mineral layers, and then silica mineral deposits in layers on top of the cavity, enydro agates are formed. Unlike quartz fluid inclusions, chalcedony is porous; therefore, water can enter and exit the cavity very slowly. The water inside of an enhydro agate is probably not the same water as when the formation occurred. 


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