Mahogany Obsidian (A142)

Mahogany Obsidian (A142)

Mahogany obsidian hand-carved into the form of a smaller than life human skull.


Mahogany obsidian is a deep reddish-brown with black inclusions. The distinctive coloring comes from high concentrations of iron. Mahogany obsidian clears the root and sacral chakras. Many spiritualists believe that mahogany obsidian is a stone of strength. It gives the wearer the ability to follow one's own convictions even in the face of adversity. Mahogany obsidian brings strength in times of need. It is said to help with inner reflection by mirroring our flaws while bringing self-acceptance. Mahogany obsidian helps with decision making and allows us to make significant change in difficult areas of our lives. This stone is also believed by some to relieve tension. Metaphysically, mahogany obsidian is believed to relieve allergies, alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome, ease menopause symptoms, and promote pain relief. Those with Libra or Scorpio as their astrological sun sign will benefit most from the metaphysical benefits of mahogany obsidian. Hold mahogany obsidian and affirm: “I am powerful and protected.”


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