Pink Amethyst Geode (A132)

Pink Amethyst Geode (A132)

A pink amethyst geode with calcite.


Pink Amethyst (aka. Pink Quartz) may cause one to question whether this is a synonym for rose quartz. After all, amethyst is a violet variety of quartz and rose quartz is quartz with pink coloration. Spectroanalysis shows that pink amethyst is more like amethyst than rose quartz. The main difference between pink amethyst and rose quartz is the structure. Rose quartz is never found in crystal form while pink amethyst is found as crystals or crystalline geodes. In addition, pink amethyst and rose quartz are found in different environments and have different care instructions. Pink amethyst will fade if left in sunlight for prolonged periods of time while rose quartz is not sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. Pink Amethyst is a rare mineral and ranges in hue from pale lilac to pink to peach. The color is the result of hematite inclusions in the crystal lattice. Pink amethyst is only known to be found in Argentina and Brazil.


Pink Amethyst is a stone of acceptance and intuition. It metaphysically helps one to forgive the transgressions of a friend/lover or to accept the end of a relationship. Pink amethyst induces calmness when betrayed by someone. The heart chakra is opened by pink amethyst; thereby, allowing one to more readily offer and accept love & tolerance into their experiences. Those enduring sadness or grief may find pink amethyst to be especially useful. Pink amethyst promotes trust, calmness, understanding, and grace in the owner. Doubt and worry about one’s relationships are dispelled by pink amethyst. Pink amethyst improves the clarity of one’s thoughts, which makes it a great stone for personal growth. It provides relief from overwhelming situations. When pink amethyst is nearby, you’re going to align with your aspirations and higher purpose. Hold pink amethyst and affirm: “I forgive those who have harmed me in the past and peacefully detach from them.”


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