Septarian is a composite stone. It typically consists of yellowish, brown, and grey areas. The yellowish portions are calcite, the grey outer rock is limestone, and the brown areas separating the calcite from the limestone is aragonite. Septarian is found in Australia, Canada, England, Madagascar, New Zealand, Spain, and the United States.


Septarian gives one confidence and allows one to gain the attention of an audience. This makes it good for public speaking. Septarian enhances one’s ability to communicate in a group. Additionally, septarian is associated with the root chakra and is a grounding stone. It improves one’s patience, tolerance, and emotional flexibility. Septarian is used to focus the healing vibration within drumming and chanting circles. In addition, it can store one’s excess energy until one needs it. Septarian is believed to encourage one to take care of Earth. It can metaphysically benefit those living with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Those with Taurus as their astrological sun sign will benefit most from the metaphysical properties of septarian. Hold septarian and affirm: "I am confident."


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