Stalagmitic Malachite (A152)

Stalagmitic Malachite (A152)

Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. This opaque, green-banded mineral most often forms botryoidal, fibrous, or stalagmitic masses in fractures and deep, underground spaces where the water table and hydrothermal fluids provide the means for chemical precipitation. Individual crystals are rare, but occur as slender to acicular prisms. The stone's name derives from Greek “molochites lithos,” which translates as "mallow-green stone." The mineral was given this name due to its resemblance to the leaves of the mallow plant. Malachite was originally mined and smelted for copper; however, it has been used as both an ornamental stone and as a gemstone in modern times. Malachite often results from the weathering of copper ores, and is often found with azurite, goethite, and calcite. Except for its vibrant green color, the properties of malachite are similar to those of azurite and aggregates of the two minerals occur frequently. Malachite is more common than azurite and is typically associated with copper deposits around limestone. Malachite was used as a mineral pigment in green paints from antiquity until circa 1800CE. A 17th-century Spanish superstition held that having a child wear a malachite pendant would help them sleep, and keep evil spirits at bay. It has also historically been worn for protection from lightning and contagious diseases as well as for health, success, and constancy in the affections. During the Middle Ages, it was customary to wear it engraved with a figure or symbol of the Sun to maintain health and to avert depression to which Capricorns were considered vulnerable. In ancient Egypt the color green (wadj) was associated with death and the power of resurrection as well as new life and fertility. Ancient Egyptians believed that the afterlife contained an eternal paradise, referred to as the "Field of Malachite", which resembled their lives but with no pain or suffering.


Malachite is a stone of balance, abundance, manifestation and intention. It absorbs energy and draws emotions to the surface. Malachite clears and activates all of the chakras; however, it is especially helpful in the stimulation of the heart and throat chakras. Use malachite on the third-eye to facilitate psychic vision, while Malachite held on the Heart Chakra will bring balance and fidelity to relationships with other people. An extremely powerful metaphysical stone, malachite is often called the “stone of transformation.” It is used for deep energy cleaning; thereby, bringing healing and positive transformation to the wearer. Malachite amplifies energies of all kinds, both positive and negative. It helps the user acknowledge, draw out, and discharge negative energy, including old emotional patterns, past traumas, and suppressed feelings. Malachite’s ability to draw out negative energy can assist in discovering the energy blocks and patterns that may be causing physical disease. It absorbs pollution, purifies, and shields against radioactivity. Metaphysically, malachite can be useful in easing menstrual cramps and childbirth. It is a wonderful equalizing and balancing agent. It protects against radiation and has been used in the treatment of asthma, arthritis, swollen joints, broken bones and torn muscles. Those with Capricorn or Scorpio as their astrological sun sign will benefit most from the metaphysical effects of malachite. Hold malachite and affirm: “I welcome positive transformation into my life.”


It is noteworthy to mention that malachite absorbs negative energy easily, but holds it within the stone until it is cleaned, so it is important to “clear” your malachite often. Do not use salt to clear polished malachite as it will damage the finish. Lay your malachite on top of quartz crystals in the sun to clear it of negative energy.


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