Vanadinite (A049)

Vanadinite (A049)

A cluster of vanadinite crystals.


Vanadinite is an uncommon mineral, formed by the oxidation of lead ore deposits such as galena. It is found in arid climates and in association with galena, wulfenite, limonite, barite, mimetite, pyromorphite, descloizite, mottramite, cerussite, anglesite, and calcite. The crystals of vanadinite are usually in the form of short hexagonal prisms, but can also be found as hexagonal pyramids, rounded masses or crusts. Vanadinite is usually bright-red or orange-red in color, although sometimes brown, red-brown, grey, yellow, or colorless.


Vanadinite fosters creativity and promotes action towards the completion of a project. It is an excellent mineral for writers because it alleviates writer’s block. Vanadinite mentally stimulates and increases energy levels in those who possess it. One will awaken with energy if vanadinite is placed under the pillow. If one wishes to develop their psychic gifts, one should meditate with vanadinite and any of the following stones: blue apatite, dumortierite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, or moonstone. If one has trouble with overspending, vanadinite will be beneficial. It promotes thriftiness in those who possess it. Vanadinite aids in life management and organization skills. It is a strong grounding stone. Vanadinite opens and aligns the lower chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras). Metaphysically, vanadinite is believed to improve lung function. Those with Scorpio as their astrological sun sign will benefit most from the metaphysical properties of vanadinite. Do not use these crystals for elixirs! Hold vanadinite and affirm: “My feelings are the language of my soul.”


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